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A complete woodworking solution

About Us

Druk Wood Manufacturing Group specializes in providing a complete machine solution to woodworking, panel processing and construction industries. Our factory is equipped with the state-of-the

Hand picked organic Himalayan logs

All our logs are hand picked from the harvesting source to provide our customers with the optimum quality products.

Our Source


Our wood flooring are made from the logs harvested and processed from the pristine virgin forest in Himalayas. Unlike reforested timbers, these paneling gives a unique warm look and fresh eel of the Himalayas.

Study Flooring

Throughout history, solid wood flooring has set the standard for beauty, richness, and style in the most elegant homes. No other flooring offers the timeless

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Kitchen Flooring

Considered by many to be the ultimate floor choice, solid wood never goes out of style. This classic floor lends natural beauty and warmth to

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Resort Flooring

The hospitality and service industry is big on branding — but even bigger on visual appeal. Whether dining in a restaurant chain or walking through

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Office Flooring

Wood flooring has a timeless aesthetic. In commercial spaces, it offers a great way to introduce an organic, biophilic feel into select areas, coordinating different

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Restaurant Flooring

When it comes to selecting the right flooring for restaurants, there are a ton of diverse options that can accommodate the different areas of your

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Wall Paneling

Natural wood paneling brings warm, fresh and clean looking rooms in wide array of architectural designs.

Airport Check-in

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Apartment Space

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Warm Bathroom

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Calm Classroom

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Conference Hall

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Family Room

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Acoustic Hallways

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Hospital Bedroom

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Contact us for your woodworking needs

Contact us for your woodworking solution.

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Our trained wood professionals are solution focussed with passion for details.

Wood Engineering
Wood Engineering

Woodworking is a science that needs years of experience and knowledge to master it. Our wood engineers are trained in country and outside the country

Wood Engineering

Our manufacturing team are diverse group of young men and women with passion in woodworking industry.

Wood Technology
Wood Technology

Technology is evident in our state-of-the-art woodworking factory with trained professionals who operate CNC, sawmill, planers and vast array of high tech woodworking machines.

Wood Technology

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